This week Vince (OH STAR II Z) and David (BABY DAVID) did a spot of show jumping having not been anywhere for a few months…..its safe to say they were a little excited to be out! Apart form a few antics involving David running around Felbridge lorry park and Vince continuing to dismantle the lorry piece by piece from the inside out, they were generally good boys in this extremely hot weather! 😎 🌞

Firstly we went to Petley Wood on Wednesday to jump the 1.20m and 1.30m. Vince just rubbed a pole in each and David had a couple but overall a good few rounds. David and I are only just getting to know each other which is taking a while because Vince and David are polar opposites to ride, therefore going from one to the other is tricky at this stage!

On the theory that practise makes perfect we also went to Felbridge on Saturday to jump the 1.20m. It was one of those times where you’re waiting all day to go then when you get there you’re running late. We must have set a new record for the shortest time spent at a show jumping venue…. makes a change from hanging around for hours though! Both jumped really well with David just having the one pole which was totally my fault as I put him on a ‘Vince stride’ and Vince jumping clear to finish just outside the places. 👌

Y x

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