Barbury CIC** (06-08/07/17)

Over the moon to say Vince has done a double clear in the 2 star today  This meant we rose 36 places to finish 30th/80

On Thursday we travelled up to Barbury for the CIC** dressage with Vince, we have never been to Barbury before and we were impressed with how well everything was presented and size of the venue! His test was at 1pm so both Yvie and Vince were dripping before they even entered the arena! Vince showed some nice work with vast improvements in his trot work however it was marred by his excitable bobs into canter and a tantrum in his counter canter serpentinetowards the end! We also have a long way to go with his pirouettes 🙈they are lying in the bottom half of the section on an understandable 59.5 (FEI scoring) but despite this we are very happy with his and Yvie’s first attempt at this level

19883906_10159196482375105_722977388_n (1)

He was so so careful in the show jumping on Saturday despite just having one heart stopping moment where he jumped into a double and was taken aback that someone had the cheek to put in a second part


He then flew round the cross country making nothing of the challenges in our biggest, most technical and long course we have ever done! Despite Barburys best efforts the ground was incredibly firm so took him steadier going down the hill to have 7.6 time penalties. He was just incredible, love him to bits



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