Aston Le Walls|22.07.17

Luckily Aston Intermediate with Vince ended up being a very good event with him coming 7th… however this could have very easily have gone the other way…

Firstly he warmed up for his dressage in a very stroppy fashion and was very put out when he was told to wind his neck in. He then produced a lovely test until the last 3 movements where he did throw himself around however it wasn’t the end of the world and a definite improvement

He then went on to jump an awesome double clear … so awesome that I almost got jumped off at the second to last fence and narrowly avoided getting a dunking with both my feet on his left side and no stirrups   as you can see Vince wasn’t bothered by my amateur attempt at stunt riding and carried on at full speed

Next stop Gatcombe Intermediate Championship eeek  


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