Somerford CIC**- the trip we wish we never started!

Well it was one of those events where if we’d known what we do now we never would have left the yard!

Firstly we set off for Somerford Park International horse trials with time to get there and time to spare for traffic… clearly the traffic had other ideas and the traffic time was eaten on the M6, this combined with getting very lost meant we had less than desirable time to warm up for our dressage! Luckily poor Vince was actually in a lovely relaxed mood (probably the 4.5h hour journey ). I was then told off for wearing my blue boots and penalised for carrying a stick around the edge of the arena (both of which I have done at all past internationals without a problem) but I suppose rules are rules and I need to brush up on the differences between FEI and BE ones  Vince did our best test to date despite the pirouettes, they are very hit and miss at the moment, to score a respectable 53(FEI) leaving us in the top half.

Yesterday morning was the cross country, Vince was his usual erm boyant self on the way there and mum was at hand to grab him for the startbox but he warmed up surprisingly calm… I could even canter him in hand without a problem in the warm up, so I thought wow he’s growing up! However once we had set off and got past fence 6 he seemed a little lack luster and I realised he wasn’t towing me around as usual… He then completely bypassed a fence and just wasn’t bothered about cross country or “flag spotting”. So I then decided to retire him  He normally lives for the cross country and it just felt like riding a different horse

We are thinking that he might still be suffering the after effects of the virus (despite being tested clear)! He seemed willing but didn’t have his usual enthusiasm and just lacked energy… I wish they could tell us what was up!  we will have a rest of season plan rethink and have everything checked to make sure he is on top form before entering anything else!

I should have known him being calm in the dressage was too good to be true


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