So the South of England CIC** wasn’t plain sailing…๐Ÿ™ˆ

So yesterday the CIC** with Vince really didn’t go to plan… He has been feeling himself (finally) in these past few weeks following his virus which took lots more out of him than we first thought ย For some reason before the dressage I had a complete attack of nerves, normally I don’t get too nervous (especially before a dressage test!) But all i could think about was if he was actually ok and it completely threw me. He has been going so beautifully and I let him down by being too tense and even going wrong in my test (something I haven’t done since I was 13!) He totally didn’t deserve it

At the cross country my awesome mother and pro starter Chris Kirby managed to get Vince off with no dramas ย he flew threw 2/3 of the course feeling completely back to normal on the course until after fence 13 where he started to tire. He is as fit as we could get him but what we didn’t realise is how the lack of runs had effected his “xc fitness”. He pecked on landing after the bank and I should have gone to the alternative but competitive nature made me go for the straight route which he just couldn’t make. Not long after this he ran out of puff coming up the bank and so I retired him. In hindsight we should have entered the intermediate and we will now give him a fun run round Little Downham next week to hopefully give us both abit of a boost ย we will get our sh@t together for then

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Thank you Summer Jones for the photos โค


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