What a week……!

Great day at Pyecombe on Saturday, firstly with Mac (Pats Cross) who is owned by Melanie Siggs and is with us while she recovers form injury. He did a lovely double clear in the British Novice  Not to be left out Baby David had one down in the B&C championship class (1.30m) which was totally Yvies fault as she tried to take one out but Dave had counted his striding correctly and did it in the correct number…oops but this was their biggest track they have tackled together  pictured below is the gorgeous spotty Mac…


So so pleased to say that this Monday Vince came 9th at Little Downham Intermediate  He did a stunning test, I finally rode him like he deserved to be ridden and he could show off how much he’s grown in this phase scoring a 28.9  he then jumped beautifully as always in the show jumping to just flattern in the treble and have the middle element… only his third pole this season to be fair! He then breezed round cross country clear inside the time feeling like his old awesome self which was such a relief after everything that’s happened over the last few months the pole proved to be very costly but the fact he is back jumping happy and feeling fab is more than enough for us


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