ALDON CIC** and BE100 21/10/17-22/10/17

Mud,mud everywhere at Aldon this weekend despite the boggy dressage warm up OH STAR II Z (Vince) was relatively calm and warmed up well, also giving that it was raining and blowing a gail the first half of his test was beautiful and all his trot work flowed lovely… but after the extended walk it was like he woke up and then behaved like a stroppy brat. He bucked and threw himself around in his canterwork  We managed a 53.4 (FEI scoring) even with his awful behaviour. However I was abit disappointed as it was all set to be a lovely test and I really wanted a sub 50 score this season which he was more than capable of 22833390_10208606085064436_1419403923_o

However both boys excelled themselves on Sunday! Despite Aldons best efforts the ground was pretty deep going (mostly in the dressage) due to the heavy rain but both of them coped amazingly

Vince followed up his slightly disappointing dressage with a foot perfect double clear with a few time to come 10th in the CIC** in a section full of higher level, experienced horses

(CLONSHIRE REWARD) Ron was in the BE100 open section to fit in with Vince times. He did a sweet test hampered by a deep arena for 33.8. He then also did a double clear, inside the time to come 2ND 😃 So so proud of him as this was his first stay away show and he was an angel 😇 he was beaten by an experienced intermediate horse and he’s only 5 💛 Such a positive fantastic way to finish what has been a difficult season, with both of them coming home with a rosette and in the money


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