February round up ūü§†

The month kicked off with another win for Vince in the Intermediate combined training at Felbridge¬†¬† with Baby David also coming to jump a clear round at 1.20m… he was very happy to be out and about for the first time this year¬†¬†Vince and Dave are polar opposites to ride and jump and Yvie can find it hard to switch between the two but we are working hard on doing them both justice … we are so very lucky to have two such talented ponies¬†

The following week it was back to Felbridge for a spot of show jumping,¬†Baby David did a smooth double clear in the 1.20m… riding him is becoming a lot more instinctive! and Vince just rubbed a pole in the 1.30m but felt on fine form¬†

We also had little Kerry to stay (owned by Kim Nye). She is a fab little mare who was with us for 3 weeks while Kim was on holiday¬†¬†She was such a little star and possibly the easiest, most lovely to ride horse we have had¬†ūüĎáūüĎá

A massive highlight of this month was taking Vince cross country schooling for the first time this year¬† and what can I say… he was such a pro making it feel so easy¬†ūüė欆the season is coming and we are ready¬†

However a massive low this month is that 6yo Ron (Clonshire Reward) has broken his pedal bone and so will be out for the first half of the season¬†¬†we are pretty gutted but relieved that his sudden acute lameness has a relatively straight forward solution…. we are now looking for volunteers to get back on him after 6 weeks box rest¬†¬†to see videos of his antics please see our January blog update… its definitely worth a watch¬†

To finish up this month Milo and Lloyd went to Coombelands for combined training¬†in cold and blustery conditions¬†¬†Both did tests with lots of room for improvement…especially Milo who needs to learn to stay in the arena¬†ūüėā¬†Then both just had one pole down, we are super pleased with both of them¬†

The next update will be an actual event update eeeek!!



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