Gatcombe Qualifier

A VERY exciting email to receive…. 2nd year in a row that Vince has qualified for Gatcombe but this year in the intermediate championships!!


Fingers crossed we get there again fit and well…. his first event back is Farley Hall in a couple of weeks, both him and I are more than a little bit excited to be out eventing again

Yvie 🍀🍀

#TeamJeanne Event Reports

Hi all,

We will be using this section to keep you all up to date with all our eventing news and reports from each event we compete at, including the good, the bad and the ugly!

We promise we won’t just cherry pick the good times as we know horses and people aren’t perfect 100% of the time and eventing comes with lots of highs & lows!


January ’18

January has meant that the horses have concluded their walk and trot work following their holidays and are being slowly built up for the 2018 season. after a couple of weeks of schooling they are allowed their first jump of the year which can be an erm exciting experience as demonstrated by rising 6yo Ron (Clonshire Reward) ⬇️⬇️😂😂

Needless to say all the other horses Dave (BABY DAVID), Vince (OH STAR II Z) and Milo (NOBLE SQUIRE) were on springs for their first jumps of the year… just not quite so exuberant 😂

Ron and Vince then went to dressage both pulling of good tests for their first outing to come 3rd in their respective sections. They then went to Felbridge combined training a week later for something abit more exciting than dressage! Ron did his best test yet followed by a cracking show jumping round with just the one pole rolled due to some green moments early on in the round (not so cocky now!!). Vince was on fine form doing an excitable test followed by an effortless clear round to WIN the intermediate section 🏆

Lloyd and Zerena also went to combined training putting in a confident performance following a month of hunting and cross country training!


preparations continue for the season… the countdown begins ⏰😮


👶Baby diary update👶

There hasn’t been a baby diaries update for a while but this was a big one for 4yo Milo…. he went to his first show 😱

This was the first time he’s shared an arena with more than one other horse or seen so many horses and people in one place! He was very good to do and warmed up lovely and to our surprise with minimal anxiety and worry 🎉 he then jumped a lovely round to only have the last few fences down as he got tired towards the end. So proud of our little homebred… not bad considering he was only backed in July and has a few physical differences to most horses 

ALDON CIC** and BE100 21/10/17-22/10/17

Mud,mud everywhere at Aldon this weekend despite the boggy dressage warm up OH STAR II Z (Vince) was relatively calm and warmed up well, also giving that it was raining and blowing a gail the first half of his test was beautiful and all his trot work flowed lovely… but after the extended walk it was like he woke up and then behaved like a stroppy brat. He bucked and threw himself around in his canterwork  We managed a 53.4 (FEI scoring) even with his awful behaviour. However I was abit disappointed as it was all set to be a lovely test and I really wanted a sub 50 score this season which he was more than capable of 22833390_10208606085064436_1419403923_o

However both boys excelled themselves on Sunday! Despite Aldons best efforts the ground was pretty deep going (mostly in the dressage) due to the heavy rain but both of them coped amazingly

Vince followed up his slightly disappointing dressage with a foot perfect double clear with a few time to come 10th in the CIC** in a section full of higher level, experienced horses

(CLONSHIRE REWARD) Ron was in the BE100 open section to fit in with Vince times. He did a sweet test hampered by a deep arena for 33.8. He then also did a double clear, inside the time to come 2ND 😃 So so proud of him as this was his first stay away show and he was an angel 😇 he was beaten by an experienced intermediate horse and he’s only 5 💛 Such a positive fantastic way to finish what has been a difficult season, with both of them coming home with a rosette and in the money


Tweseldown BE100- Clonshire Reward 08|10|17

A good but not a winning day with baby Ron (Clonshire Reward) yesterday in the BE100 at Tweseldown 🐤

He did a much improved dressage for 32 which we were really happy with as he struggles most in this phase and he did get fed up towards the end  He then had an attack of the baby wobbles at the spooky fillers in the show jumping to then have the simplest fence down He was similarly wobbly at the beginning of the cross country but soon grew in confidence to go round clear with a few too fast(!?) time penalties… Yvie wasn’t wearing a watch as she was just letting him find his own rhythm but clearly she needs to as Ron is faster than he looks

What a week……!

Great day at Pyecombe on Saturday, firstly with Mac (Pats Cross) who is owned by Melanie Siggs and is with us while she recovers form injury. He did a lovely double clear in the British Novice  Not to be left out Baby David had one down in the B&C championship class (1.30m) which was totally Yvies fault as she tried to take one out but Dave had counted his striding correctly and did it in the correct number…oops but this was their biggest track they have tackled together  pictured below is the gorgeous spotty Mac…


So so pleased to say that this Monday Vince came 9th at Little Downham Intermediate  He did a stunning test, I finally rode him like he deserved to be ridden and he could show off how much he’s grown in this phase scoring a 28.9  he then jumped beautifully as always in the show jumping to just flattern in the treble and have the middle element… only his third pole this season to be fair! He then breezed round cross country clear inside the time feeling like his old awesome self which was such a relief after everything that’s happened over the last few months the pole proved to be very costly but the fact he is back jumping happy and feeling fab is more than enough for us


So the South of England CIC** wasn’t plain sailing…🙈

So yesterday the CIC** with Vince really didn’t go to plan… He has been feeling himself (finally) in these past few weeks following his virus which took lots more out of him than we first thought  For some reason before the dressage I had a complete attack of nerves, normally I don’t get too nervous (especially before a dressage test!) But all i could think about was if he was actually ok and it completely threw me. He has been going so beautifully and I let him down by being too tense and even going wrong in my test (something I haven’t done since I was 13!) He totally didn’t deserve it

At the cross country my awesome mother and pro starter Chris Kirby managed to get Vince off with no dramas  he flew threw 2/3 of the course feeling completely back to normal on the course until after fence 13 where he started to tire. He is as fit as we could get him but what we didn’t realise is how the lack of runs had effected his “xc fitness”. He pecked on landing after the bank and I should have gone to the alternative but competitive nature made me go for the straight route which he just couldn’t make. Not long after this he ran out of puff coming up the bank and so I retired him. In hindsight we should have entered the intermediate and we will now give him a fun run round Little Downham next week to hopefully give us both abit of a boost  we will get our sh@t together for then

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Thank you Summer Jones for the photos


South of England BE100|23.09.17| Clonshire Reward (Ron) 🙊

Clonshire Reward (Ron) was a complete star in his first BE100 with Yvie at South of England today! He did a very wobbly dressage yesterday, not helped by the fact that dressage isn’t his favourite phase and very much a working progress  but today he made the exceptionally early start worth it and did a double clear inside the time in such a sweet fashion to squeak in a rosette for 10th  he is one super 5yr old, so impressed with his amazing attitude

Somerford CIC**- the trip we wish we never started!

Well it was one of those events where if we’d known what we do now we never would have left the yard!

Firstly we set off for Somerford Park International horse trials with time to get there and time to spare for traffic… clearly the traffic had other ideas and the traffic time was eaten on the M6, this combined with getting very lost meant we had less than desirable time to warm up for our dressage! Luckily poor Vince was actually in a lovely relaxed mood (probably the 4.5h hour journey ). I was then told off for wearing my blue boots and penalised for carrying a stick around the edge of the arena (both of which I have done at all past internationals without a problem) but I suppose rules are rules and I need to brush up on the differences between FEI and BE ones  Vince did our best test to date despite the pirouettes, they are very hit and miss at the moment, to score a respectable 53(FEI) leaving us in the top half.

Yesterday morning was the cross country, Vince was his usual erm boyant self on the way there and mum was at hand to grab him for the startbox but he warmed up surprisingly calm… I could even canter him in hand without a problem in the warm up, so I thought wow he’s growing up! However once we had set off and got past fence 6 he seemed a little lack luster and I realised he wasn’t towing me around as usual… He then completely bypassed a fence and just wasn’t bothered about cross country or “flag spotting”. So I then decided to retire him  He normally lives for the cross country and it just felt like riding a different horse

We are thinking that he might still be suffering the after effects of the virus (despite being tested clear)! He seemed willing but didn’t have his usual enthusiasm and just lacked energy… I wish they could tell us what was up!  we will have a rest of season plan rethink and have everything checked to make sure he is on top form before entering anything else!

I should have known him being calm in the dressage was too good to be true


New arrivals and a cheeky win🙊 👇

This week saw the return of Milo (Noble Squire) who has been away for a couple of weeks to be backed. He is our homebred 4yr old with a rather strange back and general conformation. Thanks to WOW saddles he has a lovely saddle that fits and adjusts to his needs, we can’t thank them enough for their continued support in helping us make sure Milo is as comfortable as possible to be ridden.

Also this week we welcomed new boy Clonshire Reward (Ron)  he is a 5yr gelding by Financial Reward owned by us and the lovely Val Gardener  he is a find from our trip to Ireland a few weeks ago  we are already obsessed with his little cute face! I am so incredibly lucky to have two such lovely young horses, feeling very spoilt!


To top off an exciting week Vince went to our own made up combined training by doing dressage at Hickstead in the morning where he came 2nd in his medium test with 65.15%. He was far better behaved than in his last few outings and we survived the morning with no diva tantrums

We then went to Felbridge in the afternoon to do the 1.20m… He only went and BLOODY WON IT  he really is one in a million for us


Aston Le Walls|22.07.17

Luckily Aston Intermediate with Vince ended up being a very good event with him coming 7th… however this could have very easily have gone the other way…

Firstly he warmed up for his dressage in a very stroppy fashion and was very put out when he was told to wind his neck in. He then produced a lovely test until the last 3 movements where he did throw himself around however it wasn’t the end of the world and a definite improvement

He then went on to jump an awesome double clear … so awesome that I almost got jumped off at the second to last fence and narrowly avoided getting a dunking with both my feet on his left side and no stirrups   as you can see Vince wasn’t bothered by my amateur attempt at stunt riding and carried on at full speed

Next stop Gatcombe Intermediate Championship eeek