South of England BE100|23.09.17| Clonshire Reward (Ron) 🙊

Clonshire Reward (Ron) was a complete star in his first BE100 with Yvie at South of England today! He did a very wobbly dressage yesterday, not helped by the fact that dressage isn’t his favourite phase and very much a working progress  but today he made the exceptionally early start worth it and did a double clear inside the time in such a sweet fashion to squeak in a rosette for 10th  he is one super 5yr old, so impressed with his amazing attitude

Somerford CIC**- the trip we wish we never started!

Well it was one of those events where if we’d known what we do now we never would have left the yard!

Firstly we set off for Somerford Park International horse trials with time to get there and time to spare for traffic… clearly the traffic had other ideas and the traffic time was eaten on the M6, this combined with getting very lost meant we had less than desirable time to warm up for our dressage! Luckily poor Vince was actually in a lovely relaxed mood (probably the 4.5h hour journey ). I was then told off for wearing my blue boots and penalised for carrying a stick around the edge of the arena (both of which I have done at all past internationals without a problem) but I suppose rules are rules and I need to brush up on the differences between FEI and BE ones  Vince did our best test to date despite the pirouettes, they are very hit and miss at the moment, to score a respectable 53(FEI) leaving us in the top half.

Yesterday morning was the cross country, Vince was his usual erm boyant self on the way there and mum was at hand to grab him for the startbox but he warmed up surprisingly calm… I could even canter him in hand without a problem in the warm up, so I thought wow he’s growing up! However once we had set off and got past fence 6 he seemed a little lack luster and I realised he wasn’t towing me around as usual… He then completely bypassed a fence and just wasn’t bothered about cross country or “flag spotting”. So I then decided to retire him  He normally lives for the cross country and it just felt like riding a different horse

We are thinking that he might still be suffering the after effects of the virus (despite being tested clear)! He seemed willing but didn’t have his usual enthusiasm and just lacked energy… I wish they could tell us what was up!  we will have a rest of season plan rethink and have everything checked to make sure he is on top form before entering anything else!

I should have known him being calm in the dressage was too good to be true


New arrivals and a cheeky win🙊 👇

This week saw the return of Milo (Noble Squire) who has been away for a couple of weeks to be backed. He is our homebred 4yr old with a rather strange back and general conformation. Thanks to WOW saddles he has a lovely saddle that fits and adjusts to his needs, we can’t thank them enough for their continued support in helping us make sure Milo is as comfortable as possible to be ridden.

Also this week we welcomed new boy Clonshire Reward (Ron)  he is a 5yr gelding by Financial Reward owned by us and the lovely Val Gardener  he is a find from our trip to Ireland a few weeks ago  we are already obsessed with his little cute face! I am so incredibly lucky to have two such lovely young horses, feeling very spoilt!


To top off an exciting week Vince went to our own made up combined training by doing dressage at Hickstead in the morning where he came 2nd in his medium test with 65.15%. He was far better behaved than in his last few outings and we survived the morning with no diva tantrums

We then went to Felbridge in the afternoon to do the 1.20m… He only went and BLOODY WON IT  he really is one in a million for us


Aston Le Walls|22.07.17

Luckily Aston Intermediate with Vince ended up being a very good event with him coming 7th… however this could have very easily have gone the other way…

Firstly he warmed up for his dressage in a very stroppy fashion and was very put out when he was told to wind his neck in. He then produced a lovely test until the last 3 movements where he did throw himself around however it wasn’t the end of the world and a definite improvement

He then went on to jump an awesome double clear … so awesome that I almost got jumped off at the second to last fence and narrowly avoided getting a dunking with both my feet on his left side and no stirrups   as you can see Vince wasn’t bothered by my amateur attempt at stunt riding and carried on at full speed

Next stop Gatcombe Intermediate Championship eeek  


Barbury CIC** (06-08/07/17)

Over the moon to say Vince has done a double clear in the 2 star today  This meant we rose 36 places to finish 30th/80

On Thursday we travelled up to Barbury for the CIC** dressage with Vince, we have never been to Barbury before and we were impressed with how well everything was presented and size of the venue! His test was at 1pm so both Yvie and Vince were dripping before they even entered the arena! Vince showed some nice work with vast improvements in his trot work however it was marred by his excitable bobs into canter and a tantrum in his counter canter serpentinetowards the end! We also have a long way to go with his pirouettes 🙈they are lying in the bottom half of the section on an understandable 59.5 (FEI scoring) but despite this we are very happy with his and Yvie’s first attempt at this level

19883906_10159196482375105_722977388_n (1)

He was so so careful in the show jumping on Saturday despite just having one heart stopping moment where he jumped into a double and was taken aback that someone had the cheek to put in a second part


He then flew round the cross country making nothing of the challenges in our biggest, most technical and long course we have ever done! Despite Barburys best efforts the ground was incredibly firm so took him steadier going down the hill to have 7.6 time penalties. He was just incredible, love him to bits



Farley Hall 24/06/17 and Hickstead Hound Parade

Farley Hall was Vince’s first event back in the Intermediate at and he was absolutely buzzing to be out

The dressage was erm interesting with the marks ranging from 8 to 3 where he leapt and bucked in his canter work leaving us with an understandable 38.9   Sadly the video cut out just before his antics started as according to the judge it was “well sat” 😂

Show jumping was again very interesting with him being exceptionally strong and distracted so if I’m honest I was relieved it was just the one we had down

The cross country start is always an interesting affair with Vince but luckily mum managed to grab him just before he flipped his lid and he flew round clear inside the time, loving every minute of it 

He came 8th in a full section of 40 but all in all I am just over the moon to be back out eventing on my black pony again


Additionally Zérèna and the gorgeous Choccy were invited to join the Crawley and Horsham Hunt in the International Arena at Hickstead for the hound parade, a great honour and good fun


HICKSTEAD REPORT- ⬇️zero to hero⬆️

David and Vince were entered in the 1.25m at Hickstead yesterday in the sweltering heat of ring 4

David was up first and was jumping really well until I we had a complete stride misunderstanding at fence 6  We haven’t had one of those in a while and I am sad it ruined poor David’s round! Definitely a learning curve for me, very frustrated with myself as we were just beginning to get the hang of eachother

Vince however was a complete super🌟 and did a speedy double clear which was perfect preparation for Farley this weekend (eeek)


This week Vince (OH STAR II Z) and David (BABY DAVID) did a spot of show jumping having not been anywhere for a few months…..its safe to say they were a little excited to be out! Apart form a few antics involving David running around Felbridge lorry park and Vince continuing to dismantle the lorry piece by piece from the inside out, they were generally good boys in this extremely hot weather! 😎 🌞

Firstly we went to Petley Wood on Wednesday to jump the 1.20m and 1.30m. Vince just rubbed a pole in each and David had a couple but overall a good few rounds. David and I are only just getting to know each other which is taking a while because Vince and David are polar opposites to ride, therefore going from one to the other is tricky at this stage!

On the theory that practise makes perfect we also went to Felbridge on Saturday to jump the 1.20m. It was one of those times where you’re waiting all day to go then when you get there you’re running late. We must have set a new record for the shortest time spent at a show jumping venue…. makes a change from hanging around for hours though! Both jumped really well with David just having the one pole which was totally my fault as I put him on a ‘Vince stride’ and Vince jumping clear to finish just outside the places. 👌

Y x

Gatcombe Qualifier

A VERY exciting email to receive…. 2nd year in a row that Vince has qualified for Gatcombe but this year in the intermediate championships!!


Fingers crossed we get there again fit and well…. his first event back is Farley Hall in a couple of weeks, both him and I are more than a little bit excited to be out eventing again

Yvie 🍀🍀

#TeamJeanne Event Reports

Hi all,

We will be using this section to keep you all up to date with all our eventing news and reports from each event we compete at, including the good, the bad and the ugly!

We promise we won’t just cherry pick the good times as we know horses and people aren’t perfect 100% of the time and eventing comes with lots of highs & lows!