Cross Country Clinics

1 hour sessions in groups of 4, practice riding over a variety of fences and combinations which riders would be expected to tackle during a BE or hunter trial cross-country round. Held at popular cross-country schooling venues in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

2nd April XC Littleton Manor

29th April XC Comphurst Farm

10th June XC Coombelands

Simulated Cross Country

1 hour sessions in groups of 4, focusing on arena cross country type combinations including angles, corners and skinnies.

3rd Feb Simulated XC 

18th March Simulated XC

Gymnastic Jumping

1 hour sessions in groups of 4, focusing on position and improving technique.

Webbers Gymnastic Jumping 
3rd March Gymnastic jumping

Show Jumping

Either in the arena or weather depending on grass. Working over a course of jumps.

Show jumping
Webbers Course Jumping Clinics –  
10th March SJ a course
8th April SJ a course

13th June SJ a course